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MOMS, Inc. Board Members

VMM - Mother - Pic.png

Vanessa Myers Mason

Founder and President

Retired educator and leadership development trainer.

My Greatest Mom Lesson:  “Enjoy the things in life, no matter what they may be, cooking, dancing, singing, talking, laughing and being with family and friends.”

Sylvia - Mother - Pic.png

Sylvia Buffington-Lester

Vice President

Affiliate Adjunct Professor

Department of Forensic Science

Virginia Commonwealth University

Retired Forensic Scientist Section Supervisor

Virginia Department of Forensic Science

One of the greatest lessons learned from her mother:

“I may give out, but I will never give up.”

KayKay - Mom - Photo.png

Karen Brown-Taylor


" You never interfere in business between persons that pull cover."

" A hard head makes a soft behind."

" If you can look in the mirror and you know that you have done your best then it is alright with me."

Margie - Mother - Pic.png

Margie Chrichlow Smith


Margie Smith & Associates, offering Individual, marital and family pastoral counseling services and GROUP SERVICES which provides the opportunity for an individual to work with other individuals on substance use issues in a supportive environment.

Founder’s Thought about Creating MOMS, Inc.:

I am excited that God showed me an impactful way of honoring my Mom, Mrs. Nannie Louise Allen Myers, who died in April 2017. I know that Mom would be proud that this organization will help women, and especially elderly women, who may need assistance or need an advocate in times of need.

MOMS, Inc. Board Members: Meet the Team
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